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Bill by Alda-Rana Bill :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 17 5 Gandalf by Alda-Rana Gandalf :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 16 1 AST header image - Ready for the Apocalypse by Alda-Rana AST header image - Ready for the Apocalypse :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 4 1 Ook and Roll by Alda-Rana Ook and Roll :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 32 3 River Song by Alda-Rana River Song :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 14 1 Lake Annecy by Alda-Rana Lake Annecy :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 13 3 Watercolour Kitty by Alda-Rana Watercolour Kitty :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 10 5 Pointillist Selmina by Alda-Rana Pointillist Selmina :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 10 6 The Marquis de Carabas by Alda-Rana The Marquis de Carabas :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 7 3 Sir Terry by Alda-Rana Sir Terry :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 62 18 Llyn the pirate by Alda-Rana Llyn the pirate :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 7 3 The Force Awakens by Alda-Rana The Force Awakens :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 23 0 Smiling Twelve by Alda-Rana Smiling Twelve :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 23 3 Esk by Alda-Rana Esk :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 149 16 Prison Break by Alda-Rana Prison Break :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 5 0 The Witch and the Magician by Alda-Rana The Witch and the Magician :iconalda-rana:Alda-Rana 59 9


Tolkien Dwarf by pannekagan Tolkien Dwarf :iconpannekagan:pannekagan 4 0 Mage 4 lyf by pannekagan Mage 4 lyf :iconpannekagan:pannekagan 1 4 Alaia (Couverture) by Aemarielle Alaia (Couverture) :iconaemarielle:Aemarielle 10 19 Arisnaa speed drawing by Aemarielle Arisnaa speed drawing :iconaemarielle:Aemarielle 8 15 Labyrinthe by Aemarielle Labyrinthe :iconaemarielle:Aemarielle 76 22 Themis by Aemarielle Themis :iconaemarielle:Aemarielle 7 13 Shadowmarch face claims by Enife Shadowmarch face claims :iconenife:Enife 666 64 Darkspear Troll by pannekagan Darkspear Troll :iconpannekagan:pannekagan 5 0 Ankh-Morpork City Watch by Leppee Ankh-Morpork City Watch :iconleppee:Leppee 54 10 An apple a day keeps the... no, never mind by GreenLiquidBrain An apple a day keeps the... no, never mind :icongreenliquidbrain:GreenLiquidBrain 250 71 For MirlitonHerisson by MayLouise For MirlitonHerisson :iconmaylouise:MayLouise 4 5 Corto Maltese Ten by Umanimo Corto Maltese Ten :iconumanimo:Umanimo 124 10 Travelling lemon (in Space and Time) by Mirliton-Herisson Travelling lemon (in Space and Time) :iconmirliton-herisson:Mirliton-Herisson 1 0 Discworld - Magrat the Fairy Godmother by mokkurkalfe Discworld - Magrat the Fairy Godmother :iconmokkurkalfe:mokkurkalfe 8 2 Inktober-Dertritus and Vimes by PK-Artist Inktober-Dertritus and Vimes :iconpk-artist:PK-Artist 160 14 Discworld Witches_Agnes by BlackBirdInk Discworld Witches_Agnes :iconblackbirdink:BlackBirdInk 90 12



First attempt at drawing the new Doctor Who companion! She seems like a really fun character and I'm looking forwards to her.
I've been in a big rut recently, lost my drawing mojo or something. Being re-reading The Hobbit* at the moment, I challenged myself to draw some fanart. I started a big piece, got discouraged, didn't finish it. Started a second big piece, got discouraged, didn't finish it either. So I thought I'd start smaller, with just a character.

...Although I've been a big Tolkien fan forever and The Lord of the Rings changed my life almost 20 years ago, I've never really drawn art of it. I always thought I wasn't good enough for the wonder and beauty of Middle Earth... still think it, actually. I'm not really happy with this drawing. But I'm afraid that's the best I can do...

(*but in Swedish, this time. I don't understand everything, but I know the story inside out anyway. Since somehow I ended up with a Swedish boyfriend, I'm trying to learn his language. Det är inte lätt :(
AST header image - Ready for the Apocalypse
AST is coming!

What is AST? Standing for Apocalypse Survival Training, it is the ultimate exercising app - running, circuit and core training thanks to the immersive storyline that dumps you in the middle of an invasion of London by mysterious shapeshifting aliens - while TALON, the organisation that is supposed to handle all the weird sci-fi stuff in that reality, finds itself destabilised from within... It's now up to you to save the world by meeting a collection of eccentric survivors, who all have a role to play to prevent the coming apocalypse, and ensuring they stay alive - and get fitter and stronger in the process! 

The app is not on sale yet, though it's definitely close to launch. As one of the Kickstarter backers, I've 'played' (that's the word that comes naturally, as it is almost like being in a videogame) the beta version, and I can guarantee it's AWESOME. And frequently hilarious - Adele Kirby, the writer/trainer/Discworld fan who wrote and produced the whole thing, has a real talent for dialogue, and the voice acting is great.

It also looks quite pretty, if you allow me to say so, since, as it happens, I did all the art for it (quite ironic as I am the least fit and most exercise-repulsed person you could imagine). But I would recommend it to you anyway. I, for one, intend to use it a lot in my current effort to lose weight and improve my health.

So I definitely recommend you visit the website… and Like the Facebook page… .

And maybe see you at TALON headquarters :)
Ook and Roll
My latest art class work. We had to paint an ape; being a good little Discworld fan, I decided right away that mine would be an orangutan, and set out to look for a good reference picture. I found a pretty great one on some stock photo site, and one I'm sure the Librarian would like if you consider Soul Music!
River Song
Pastel portrait, made in art class. For my first time using pastels I'm quite happy with the result. But I don't think I'll use them again of my own free will soon - much more mess than it's worth for me -_-
You can now buy the first four Magical Creatures Cards from the Purky Shop!

For now, you can choose between the Mermaid, the Centaur, the Aevine and the Elf Don Quijote, but I'm hoping to have more available soon, so watch this space. In the meantime, buy my cards, they're totally great, they come with envelopes and everything so you can write to your magical-creature-loving friends!

Mermaid by Alda-Rana  Aevine by Alda-Rana  Centaur by Alda-Rana  Dragon Quijote by Alda-Rana


Alda-Rana's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
Just your average nerd woman with an itchy pencil.

I draw a lot very quickly and with just the minimal amount of effort required, especially when it comes to fanart. That way I can delude myself that I could totally make awesome detailed drawings if I just wanted to.

Currently in an intense Doctor Who phase, but I also have other things in my gallery though they tend to gather dust a bit.

When people ask me if I would like to draw professionally, I say "YES but..." The but means: I know it's really difficult, I'm not sure I'm good enough, and I'm terrible at self-promoting, which is like 90% of the job.
In real life I pretend to be a serious teacher though my students are probably the more level-headed and mentally older ones...

In case you're interested, 'Alda' is made of the first letters of my first and last names, and 'Rana' is Latin for frog, no relation to the pasta brand. Or the fact that I'm French, though it's a nice coincidence. Also coincidentally, both 'alda' and 'rana' are Quenya words, meaning tree and moon, that correspond to a letter in one of the tengwar modes. In case you're interested. Sorry.

If you like my art and fanart I recommend you follow me at ; there's a lot of stuff there that doesn't make it to this page.


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